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beamish boy
# Дата: 13 Мар 2019 16:43

Кудрявка Анатольевна Стругацкая:

Kudryavka Noumi (能美 クドリャフカ, Nōmi Kudoryafuka) / Kudryavka Anatolyevna Strugatskaya (Кудрявка Анатольевна Стругацкая) is the ninth member of the Little Busters.


Kudryavka, also known as "Kud" for short, is a girl who is a quarter Japanese, and three-quarters Russian. Her grandmother is Japanese. Her grandfather was crazy about Japanese culture and per his influence on her, she came to know much about Japanese culture too, including the language.


Kud's name is Russian, but her home country is actually the former Soviet republic Tebwa, wagering its future on its space program. Kud's mother is a key figure in that space program


Kudryavka (Кудрявка) is a Russian name which means "Little Curly". She is named after the Soviet Union dog Laika, who is also known as Kudryavka; the first animal to enter space. Her middle name Anotelyevna comes from a Soviet-Union partisan, Zoya Anatolyevna Kosmodemyanskaya. Her last name Strugatskaya comes from Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Both Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and the Strugatsky brothers also have an asteroid named after them.

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