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# Дата: 27 Окт 2008 20:47

This topic is to ask a question personally to Boris Strugatsky, one in the famous tandem of Strugatsky brothers. (Arkady Strugatsky is not with us since 1991.)

Your question will be translated to Russian in order to be published in the main Off-line interview archive. The English original of your question will be also forwarded to Mr. Strugatsky together with its translation to avoid possible mistakes.

# Дата: 12 Ноя 2008 14:26

My favourite book is "The Second Invasion of Martians". I read this book in '86 and if i have enough time i promist i will read it again. The personages from novel and the locations are so real and so ordinary that I can find them even in my own neighborhood: the corner Bar with buch of clients like a retired teacher with stomach problems, one local policeman - moron, another is in sewage business and alcoholic, one handicap person who hates everibody and so long. The authors are not worried about aliens, they are more interested about peoples issues and ask not about strange technology and this new culture they bring on Earth. Is funny how autors describe new values (like new stamps) and new customers in this little town. In the end all rebels understand that human race are not in danger and decide to colaborate with visitors who are more like humans then they think. I suppose the authors write (because of censorship in Cold War) one novel about a posible invasion of the Soviet Union from the opposite countries with hilarious effects.
I am right?
And now when the professor visit the Mars and eat blue-bread and drink blue-Martini can say what Planet was more hardest: Earth or Mars?

# Дата: 12 Ноя 2008 16:15 - Поправил: sidorov

Dear 0gar, your request is accepted and submitted to the off-line interview queue. It may take up to a couple of months to receive an answer, as Mr. Strugatsky usually processes like 10-40 questions monthly, depending on his health condition and on how busy he is. When the answer will be published, I'll immediately put it here.

If possible, for statistical purposes, please specify, where you live. Choose precision according to the privacy level you feel comfortable. Country/city is enough.

Also, you call Mr. Strugatsky a professor. As he actually has no doctoral degree, may I change this to "a master"?

# Дата: 6 Янв 2009 09:06

Well, i try to respond but i think PAROL was not accepted, because my keyboard are latin caracters.
Don't bother Mr. Strugatski with ordinary question that he may find puerile, i just want to say "HI!" and say that i enjoy read his books done ofcourse with his brother.
I hope he will be in good shape end he will be able to write another book!

# Дата: 7 Янв 2009 09:55 - Поправил: sidorov

Dear 0gar, please tell me, what password was not accepted and where. I'll correct the situation as soon as possible. Do you mean your registration at this forum, or a guest book on the official Strugatsky brothers site? Your previous message is now in the queue (#223), as well as one question of mine. Sorry, Mr. Strugatsky cannot process our questions fast. If you have any other question or message to him, just leave it here, and I'll put it to the guestbook.

# Дата: 30 Апр 2009 01:25 - Поправил: sidorov

I received an answer to your question. Thank you for patience.
Цитата: Борис Стругацкий
Нет, цензура здесь ни при чем. И никакого вторжения не имелось в виду, – кроме вторжения собственно марсиан (некоей Суперсилы). Мы тоже всегда любили эту нашу повесть, – потому, в частности, что сами не понимали, кто там у нас прав – инсургент Харон или его мирный зять Аполлон. Что важнее для человечества – спокойствие или свобода-независимость? Я и сейчас этого не знаю. Но сильно подозреваю, что само человечество выбрало бы спокойствие (если бы могло выбирать).

Boris Strugatsky said:
No, censorship had nothing to do with it. And we had in mind no invasion besides the Martians themselves (as a kind of Superior Force). We also always loved this story as one of our best ones, for once because we couldn't decide for ourselves who was right, the insurgent Kharon or his peace-and-quiet-loving timid father-in-law, Apollo. What is more important for the mankind, peace and stability or freedom and independence? I still don't have an answer to this question. But I strongly suspect that the mankind, given choice, would have chosen peace and stability.

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